Studio8023 Photo Release Form


(your Name)

(your Name) hereby give Studio8023.com and their legal representatives and assigns the right and permission to publish, my photographic image for the specific purpose of publication to their website Studio8023.com. In giving my consent, I hereby release and hold harmless Studio8023.com, Michael Robinson Sr, his Photographers, agents and designees from any and all responsibility or liability. I understand that I will receive no compensation, should any photographs of mine be used.
I understand my picture and this photo release form will be maintained at Studio8023.com. I understand I may change or withdraw this release/consent at any time by contacting Studio8023.com in writing to the above address.
This release and my picture will be valid up to ten (10) years from date signed. I understand all pictures released to Studio8023 will not be returned and will then be destroyed after the 10-year contract.
I understand Studio8023.com has full authority as to which pictures they choose to place on their website. Studio8023 is not required nor obligated to use any pictures I submit.
I have read this agreement and understand it.

(your name) give Studio8023 the right to act as my agent in my presents or absents in regards to all photographic images photographed by Studio8023 or it's affiliates that maybe submitted to any modeling agency for work, advertisment , and training purposes.

(your last 4 digits of your SS#)  By entering your last four digits of you social security number as your signature, you agree to the terms above set by Studio8023 and its affiliates.